25 Essential ChatGPT Prompts Every Real Estate Agent Needs

The Avenue Team
July 8, 2024

With the rise of artificial intelligence, tools like ChatGPT have become invaluable for real estate agents looking to streamline their processes, enhance communication, and boost productivity. 

If you've tried using ChatGPT for your real estate needs and didn't find anything amazing you’re not alone. While AI models get smarter every day their effectiveness depends on your input (prompt). 

Just as an old saying goes: “Garbage in, garbage out”. 

To avoid disappointing results, we’ve compiled 25 essential ChatGPT prompts that every real estate agent needs to know. These prompts are designed to help you with everything from client interactions to property descriptions, marketing strategies, and beyond. Let’s dive in and discover how ChatGPT can become your secret weapon in optimizing your real estate business.

Client Communication

Effective client communication is a vital part of your success in real estate. Using ChatGPT, you help make every interaction with your clients timely, professional, and personalized. Here are some essential prompts to help you enhance your client communication:

1. Initial client greeting: "Write a warm and welcoming greeting email for a new client who has just inquired about my real estate services."

2. Follow-Up Messages: “Create a friendly follow-up message for a client who has attended an open house I hosted last weekend."

3. Appointment Reminders: "Generate a reminder message for a client about our upcoming property viewing scheduled for tomorrow at 3 PM."

4. Answering Common Questions: "Draft a response to a client asking about the process of buying a home in our current market."

5. Client Feedback Requests: "Write a polite request for feedback from a client who recently completed a transaction with me."

Property Listings and Descriptions

Crafting compelling property listings and descriptions is key to capturing potential buyers' attention and showcasing your listings' best features. AI tools like ChatGPT or Avenue’s Listings AI can help you create engaging, informative, and attractive content that stands out in the competitive real estate market. Here are a few prompts to help you save time writing property listings and descriptions:

6. Writing Engaging Property Descriptions: "Create an engaging and detailed description for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom family home with a spacious backyard and modern amenities."

7. Highlighting Unique Property Features: "Describe the unique features of a historic Victorian home with original hardwood floors and stained glass windows."

8. Generating Listing Titles: "Generate a catchy and concise title for a cozy cottage near the beach.”

9. Detailing Neighbourhood Information: "Provide a detailed description of the neighbourhood surrounding a suburban home, focusing on local amenities and community features."

PRO TIP: You can skip writing prompts for Chat GPT by using tools like Listings AI. This real estate AI tool allows Avenue clients to generate property descriptions based on all the listing details.

Preview of Avenue's Listings AI tool

Marketing Strategies

Building a strong online presence is not an easy feat and can take a huge chunk out of your week. That’s why Avenue’s clients trust our marketing experts to build effective real estate marketing strategies that attract potential buyers and sellers. In case you decide to manage your online presence yourself, ChatGPT can assist you in generating creative and engaging content for various marketing channels:

10. Social Media Post Ideas: "Create a social media post for a newly listed luxury apartment in the city center with stunning views."

11. Email Marketing Campaigns: "Write an email to potential clients announcing my new real estate newsletter that will provide market updates, tips, and exclusive listings."

12. Blog Post Topics: "Generate a list of blog post topics for my real estate website targeting first-time homebuyers."

13. Creating Newsletters: "Draft a monthly newsletter template that includes a featured property, market updates, and home maintenance tips."

14. SEO Keyword Suggestions: "Suggest a list of SEO keywords for my real estate website focused on luxury properties in Vancouver."

Administrative Tasks

Managing your workload and staying on top of things is essential for real estate productivity. Our team loves using tools like Pomodoro to stay productive during the day. If you want to benefit from the power of AI below are a few simple prompts to help you streamline administrative tasks so you can focus on client-facing activities:

15. Setting Daily Goals: "Write daily goals for a real estate agent focusing on client outreach and lead generation."

16. Organizing Client Information: "Create a template for organizing client information, including contact details, property preferences, and transaction history."

17. Scheduling Appointments: "Generate an email template for scheduling property viewing appointments with clients."

Market Insights and Analysis

If there’s anyone who knows a local real estate market it’s you. Staying informed about market trends and providing clients with accurate analysis is something successful realtors deal with all the time. ChatGPT can help you generate detailed market reports, competitive analyses, and pricing strategies, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve and offer valuable insights to your clients. Here are a few examples:

18. Market Trend Analysis: "Create a summary of the current real estate market trends in [City/Region], focusing on price fluctuations, inventory levels, and buyer demand."

19. Competitive Property Analysis: "Generate a competitive analysis report comparing similar properties in [Neighbourhood] that have sold in the past six months."

20. Local Market Updates: "Write a local market update for [City/Region] for the past month, highlighting key statistics and trends."

PRO TIP: Market insights is one of the most sought-after topics that make up a great real estate newsletter. Here’s how Avenue’s clients benefit from our personalized newsletter service.

Client Engagement and Retention

Building long-term relationships and ensuring repeat business and referrals requires engaging and retaining clients with strategically crafted correspondence. ChatGPT can help you generate personalized messages, client appreciation ideas, and event invitations to keep your clients engaged. Below are a few valuable prompts to enhance your client engagement and retention strategies:

21. Personalized Client Messages: "Create a personalized message for a client who just bought their first home."

22. Client Appreciation Ideas: "Suggest some unique client appreciation ideas for a real estate agent to show gratitude to their clients."

23. Event Invitations: "Write an invitation for a client appreciation event, such as a summer barbecue."

24. Referral Requests: "Create a polite message asking a satisfied client for referrals."

25. Holiday Greetings: "Write a festive holiday greeting message for clients."


Integrating ChatGPT into your real estate workflow can greatly enhance your productivity. The prompts we covered save you time, generate fresh ideas, and help maintain a professional edge in all your communications.

Remember, AI tools like ChatGPT are designed to inspire and support you, not replace your expertise. They provide a starting point to build upon, allowing you to focus on serving your clients and closing deals.

Just like modern AI tools, Avenue takes the work off real estate agents by building and maintaining beautiful websites, managing targeted online advertising and providing you with warm buyers and sellers leads right into your inbox.

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