Introducing Listings AI, our first AI powered tool

The Avenue Team
March 19, 2024

The Future Of Real Estate Marketing

Avenue’s guiding vision is to make world-class digital marketing accessible to every realtor. 

The last 6-months have seen a transformational new technology emerge in generative AI. As passionate marketers and technologists, we’ve been excitedly working away at understanding how this technology can benefit you and your business. We have lots planned in the coming months, but our very first tool built on this groundbreaking technology is Listings AI.✨

Powered by OpenAI and built with cutting-edge technology, Listings AI generates engaging listing descriptions automatically. Simply enter some basic information about the property, such as its address, key features, and any additional details to generate a fresh, interesting description in seconds.

We couldn’t wait to share this with our clients, so the Listings AI we are launching today is still a beta version. A beta release allows us to offer early access to select packages to explore this exciting new technology, identify areas for improvement, and help shape the product before its official launch. As we work to refine Listings AI for full launch please share your feedback to help us get the most out of this technology.

Not an Avenue client yet? Get in touch to learn how Avenue can help take your business to the next level through your online marketing! Book a demo to learn more today!

This is just the beginning. We believe that AI is a huge opportunity to unlock the potential of digital marketing and to supercharge your real estate business. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features to come!


Listings AI is now included in our Accelerate, Drive, and Grow packages. Explore our packages here.

Clients on these packages can find this innovative tool in their Account under Services > Listings AI

While this product is in Beta, and we gauge interest in this new technology, we're introducing an AI credit system along with Listings AI. Clients will be limited by a number of monthly credits, with one credit equaling one generated listing description. 

Accelerate clients will receive 50 credits (50 listing descriptions) 
Drive clients will receive 35 credits (35 listing descriptions) 
Grow clients will receive 25 credits (25 listing descriptions)

We're thrilled to offer this exciting new tool to our clients, helping them streamline their marketing efforts and attract potential buyers effortlessly.

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