Writing a Real Estate Bio That Wins Clients

The Avenue Team
May 25, 2023

Writing may not be your strong suit, but a real estate bio is something every new and experienced agent needs. Being able to explain who you are, your track record and your approach to real estate is an important skill to nail down – it’s your chance to tell a story to your prospective clients and gain their trust!

Research shows that home buyers and sellers typically vet through 3-5 real estate agents before choosing one to work with. You may be fantastic at selling homes but, when writing a real estate agent bio, your goal is to sell yourself!

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed and intimidated? Not to worry, we’ve taken the stress out and compiled a how-to guide to help you get started writing a real estate bio that wins clients!

Remember, you can update your bio at any time using your free hour of support.

Writing your real estate bio

So, let’s dive right in: what should you include in your real estate agent bio? Your bio is the place where you are introducing yourself to the lead, not selling your services.

To this end, you’ll want to focus on you, your background, experience, what led you to work in real estate, and a few personal details, such as what you like to do outside of real estate.

Most importantly, the value you provide your leads should be front and center in your bio. We know you have your own style and your own way of running your realty business – try to convey exactly how unique you are and what sets you apart from other agents!

Instead of general statements like you “provide great customer service,” try to say something more specific that will resonate with potential clients. For example, you always listen to your clients and are committed to helping them find the right solutions for their needs. See how much more of an impact that has?!

Here are some prompts you can use as the basis for your bio if you’re still feeling a bit of writer’s block:

- Do you have any awards or achievements that you want to include? 

- What do you love about being a realtor? 

- What knowledge do you have about the local community/area that sets you apart? 

- Do you have any specialties (e.g. working with buyers) that you want to reference? 

- What is the one key point that you would like readers to take away from your bio?

What to include if you’re a new agent

Don’t worry if you are a new real estate agent without much professional experience or recognition behind your name yet. You can still demonstrate social proof by bringing up your background prior to real estate and the journey that brought you into the industry!

Touch on your previous education and other careers you’ve had before real estate. Share what you’ve learned or gained from these experiences, especially any character traits you feel have benefited you as a real estate agent.

Structuring your bio

Once you’ve got a list of all the things you want to communicate through your bio, then it’s just a matter of structuring these into sentences and paragraphs. As you pull this together, try to think about how it will read and appear on the page. 

Here are some tips for a user friendly structure: 

- Keep your paragraphs relatively short ( 4-5 sentences each.) 

- Start with an introduction that focuses on your unique selling point, and real estate career. 

- Add your awards in bullet points or logos at the bottom of the bio. Then reference a couple that really set you apart in the main body. 

- Pepper your community knowledge & personal touches throughout. This breaks up the flow and provides relief for the reader. 

- Make sure to use this opportunity to provide social proof by linking to your testimonials. 

- Dedicate a sentence in each paragraph to emphasize what makes you different. 

- If you choose to write in the first person, make sure it sounds like your own voice. If you prefer the third person, add in a quote or two to speak directly to the reader. 

- Make it easy for people to connect with you afterwards, add your contact details, or a ‘meet for coffee’ button. 

Once you're happy with the final version, just send it through to us via Live Chat and we'll update it for you! 

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