Three Great Platforms to Elevate your Online Content

The Avenue Team
May 25, 2023

Read on for our three favourite tools to elevate your online content.

As a busy realtor, you may not have the time to proofread every email or piece of content you prepare to send out to your clients. While time is of the essence, sending out content and emails with grammatical errors can look unprofessional. As proofreading is not a part of your services with Avenue, when sending us content to use, we recommend using Grammarly, the online writing assistant tool.

Grammarly takes the work out of proofreading for you so you can ensure your writing is always clear, concise and correct! It works across a wide range of places you might be writing –from your emails to word documents, so you can rely on it to point out any errors and sharpen up your copy on the go.


Stock image websites are a great place to find professional, royalty-free images to use in your newsletters and blog posts. Unfortunately, taking images from Google or articles found on the web and using them as your own can cause copyright infringement issues and may result in hefty fines! We recommend using Unsplash or Bigstock –these royalty free images sites will provide you with a wealth of high-quality images you can use to accompany your personal content.

Another great resource is Canva, if you want to overlay words onto images, or create your own customizable content for your social media or website posts!

Youtube & Vimeo 

If you are creating virtual home tours, real estate vlogs or other related content, we recommend creating a Youtube or Vimeo account and uploading your videos there! These platforms are great for hosting your video content, as they are compatible and can easily be shared on a multitude of platforms including your social media & newsletter services! 

Your Avenue website is also designed to easily host your Youtube and Vimeo videos, so you can use your content to drive traffic back to your site. A win-win!

Have you tried using Loom for virtual open houses? Read our new 'How-To' guide here!

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