How Avenue is supporting you during COVID-19

The Avenue Team
May 25, 2023

Here at Avenue, we have been closely monitoring COVID-19 and the real estate market. We want to make sure that your services are relevant and up to date, and that you are prepared and ready to run your business remotely. With more and more agents moving their real estate services entirely online, we have made a number of changes and improvements to ready our clients for the coming months. We know how important your online presence is, now more than ever, and want to help you to thrive in this new, online world.

How your services have changed

Social Posting

For now, we have removed local events from your Facebook services. Additionally, to make sure your content remains relevant and useful to your readers, starting from the 6th of April, we have added the following topics to your rotating content feed:

– COVID-19 health resources 

– Government aid, support and updates

– Adapting to the new lifestyle change, ie working from home

– Online tools and resources that can be of value 

– Physical and mental health & wellness 

We believe that the best way to engage with your network is to be supportive and informative in these times. These new posts will be circulated with your regular content posts, which will still include your chosen preferences, local stats, seasonal posts and your newsletter. If you would prefer not to include any of this new content, let us know at


We have removed the local events section from your upcoming newsletter and replaced it with a Tips & Resources section, containing links to resources that your client base might find useful at this time. This includes:

– Remote working tips

– Resources for entertaining families who are stuck at home

– Health and wellness resources

The content piece that we include in your newsletter this month will be on a relevant topic. We would also highly recommend writing a personal introduction reaching out to your network and providing some reassuring advice. We included some best practices around this in your newsletter preview, which you can also read here.

Your Avenue Team

You will see no interruptions to your services as our team has all gone entirely remote in order to follow self-isolating guidelines. We have equipped them with all of the tools they need to continue running and supporting your services with us.

Resources available to you

As a company that is set up to facilitate online work, we have a unique insight into what can work and what doesn’t. As you move into more of a virtual space for the next number of months, we want to make sure we’re supporting you to deliver the best service possible for your clients.

We have a new webinar series guiding you through moving your business remote and how best to spend your time. You can access these free webinars here.

We have written a number of resources for you to utilize as an Avenue client.

We will be consistently adding to this database over the coming weeks. If there is anything that would help you to navigate this online world a little better, reach out to us on live chat of your Avenue App.

What we suggest

Now is the perfect time to work on things that you didn’t have time to before. Here are some suggestions we have for how to use this time creatively:

– Create personalized video messages for your social media or your website

– Write that blog article you’ve been meaning to get done 

– Arrange video calls with your client base –if you are stuck at home and bored, then they likely are too!

– Update your bio or your testimonials page. Remember, you have a free hour of updates each month included in all Avenue packages. Learn how to write a great bio with our guide.

Avenue is working on new ways to support you during this time, including building new tools and resources each day to help you make this shift. Keep an eye on this page, and in your Avenue App for any new updates.

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