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The Avenue Team
May 25, 2023

Here at Avenue, we’re largely known as the website designers and digital marketers behind successful real estate businesses. Our mission has always been to provide affordable marketing solutions to small businesses, and we love celebrating each of our clients’ wins when they close a home, win an award, or scale their business.

We get asked every day when we’ll expand into other industries and – to be honest – it’s always been our goal to help other small businesses and solopreneurs when the time is right. And guess what? We’re ready to take that leap and are beyond thrilled to offer our suite of affordable marketing tools to other industries! 

Why now?

A meaningful online presence and a slick marketing strategy has become increasingly necessary as most businesses shift from a brick and mortar model to a virtual one. We understand that running a business isn’t easy. If you combine that with creating a website that will stand out and promoting your business to gain more clients, it can become downright challenging, overwhelming, and stressful!

We know that attempting to do it all on your own can be time consuming and cause more than a handful of premature grey hairs. On the other hand, marketing and design agencies are often financially out of reach for small business owners.

Why choose Avenue?

Over the years, we’ve developed a unique business model where we can provide agency standard websites and marketing at an affordable and transparent price point. You deserve an online presence that shows potential clients the best version of you, without having to break the bank!

At Avenue, our whole team is your account representative. From the moment you become a client, you gain an entire team of specialists whose top priority is to support you on your business journey. Our small, expert team of marketers, designers, and engineers work closely on each account, so you can have personalized support to help you reach your business goals.

With other companies, your account gets passed between departments, and emails and notes get lost as it changes hands. We’ve created a support model to ensure all our clients have a seamless experience. Behind the scenes, we share notes, account updates, and your latest requests to ensure your experience is streamlined and hassle free. Live Chat with us for instant support during all business hours, or book an appointment with our team to get 1:1 specialist attention.

Why online marketing?

Did you know that less than 64% of small businesses have a website? But 80% of people research a company online before inquiring about their services. That means that you could be losing out on 80% of your potential business because you don’t have a website!

Your website is your portfolio. When someone Googles you, your website is your chance to make that strong first impression. It’s the tool that potential clients will use to evaluate you. Information needs to be clearly presented, visually appealing, and reflect the same standard of professionalism you conduct in your business. 

As the world continues to move more and more online, small businesses now require a digital presence. According to the Business Development Bank of Canada, small businesses should spend between 5-10% of their gross revenue on marketing. So what does this look like for you? With so many options out there it’s hard to know what to spend your money on. The reason we recommend digital marketing for all small businesses is its incredible targeting power, affordability and highly measurable results.

Digital marketing can require time to set up, but what does the ROI look like? In a study done by The Manifest in 2019, 95% of the small businesses they surveyed said they were going to increase their spending on digital marketing, indicating it has a high-return investment. With digital, you can get 1000 new eyes on your business for as little as $10.

At Avenue, we’re on a mission to equip even more small businesses with the online presence they need to stand out, attract clients, and grow their business. Are you looking to get the greatest ROI from your digital marketing? Click here to sign up!

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