Avenue's Product Roadmap

Jack Church
March 16, 2023

At Avenue, we've been working hard behind the scenes to improve our current services and develop new and exciting tools for our clients. To be the company we aspire to be, we know we can’t sit back and do what we’ve always done. We need to improve, build, and evolve our offerings so we can deliver powerful services that will help grow our clients’ businesses, increase their reach, and save them more time day after day.

From our enigmatic sales team through to our brilliant marketing experts and engineers, we’re all using the feedback we’ve gathered from support requests, survey results, and live chats to help us prioritize what we work on next.

Over the last few years, we've worked quietly behind the scenes and sent you an announcement once we've released something new in the Avenue Platform. Much of this work has happened behind closed doors, and we haven’t always been the most vocal about what we’re working on – we want to change that!

Transparency is a very important part of our working philosophy at Avenue, and so we want to share more regularly and openly about how we’re using your feedback to improve, what we’re working on, and when you can expect new releases!

The Roadmap

Introducing our Public Avenue Roadmap! This is your go-to stop to see all of the things we’re currently improving and working on, what new and exciting products we plan to build, and when to expect them in your account. The roadmap will always be publicly available here, and we’ll be sure to regularly update it to show if projects are ahead of schedule, delayed, or if something has changed in our future plans.

We’ll also be sharing more updates on the specific products and projects we’re adding in the future. We can’t wait for you to see how our new features and improvements will help you grow your real estate business and raise your profile! Currently, we’re working on a listings and ads manager, so stay tuned for more details on that! 

Our way of working

As a small business, we’ve split all of our work into 4 main categories to maximize our efficiency: 

  1. Growing our platform - Creating new tools and services in our platform.
  2. Platform Improvement - Adding new features to our existing products.
  3. Bug fixes - Quickly fixing issues as they arise to ensure that all of our users are experiencing a great user experience.
  4. Maintenance work - This includes operational maintenance to our systems and infrastructure, and dealing with external changes that impact our tools. One example of this might be when a board migrates all of its listings to a new platform.

We’ve allocated our time and resources between these different categories, ensuring first and foremost that we’re maintaining the platform and fixing bugs as soon as possible. We also aim to group feature requests together to be more efficient. This allows us to focus our time effectively on improving key products and providing more impact.

You’ll notice that the roadmap omits bug fixes and maintenance work – this type of work is too unpredictable to plan in advance. We all know from experience that you’ll undoubtedly run into some bugs and quirks when using technology, so we’re taking this into account as we scope out each project. With this in mind, we hope our timelines will be realistic and give you a good expectation of when things will be completed and released!

We need your feedback

As we mentioned earlier, this roadmap is crafted and planned by the feedback we receive about our current products and how we might improve them. We would love to hear from you, and we currently have a survey open so you can share your thoughts and ideas! 

We’re also planning to do more rigorous testing of new products. As we develop and build new tools, we want to make sure they work as we intend them to and meet the needs of the people who will use them – aka you! We’re looking for beta testers to play around with the new tools and give us their honest feedback. Interested in being one of our Beta testers? Sign up here and we’ll be in touch when a new product is ready to be tested!

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