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Avenue is the marketing team for real estate professionals.

in 2013


in Vancouver

AvenueHQ grew out of a need we saw in the real estate industry. All of the REALTORS® we knew put in hours of screen time each week, online, trying to manage the many moving parts that made up their personal marketing. They wanted to attract new clients, but they weren’t getting results.

As a team of marketers, engineers, and designers, we saw how our respective skill sets could work together to solve the problem. We could give REALTORS® what they’d never had before: The chance to market themselves online, and stand out—supported by the knowledge and tools only an expert team can provide.

We believe that everyone should have the freedom to do what they do best. For REALTORS®, that’s building relationships with clients. For Avenue, it’s marketing that stands out.

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Who we are

We want each of our clients to have a cohesive online presence. Effective marketing consists of many moving parts, working as one.

So, we put together a team of marketers with experience developing effective strategy. We built a team of designers who knew how to elevate professional brands. And we brought together engineers focused on building the next generation of real estate online.

Meet Avenue.

Chris Troelstra
Chris Troelstra
Co-Founder & CEO
Rebecca Troelstra
Rebecca Troelstra
Co-Founder & COO
Joe Parenteau
Joe Parenteau
Director, Operations
Jordan Menashy
Jordan Menashy
Chief Revenue Officer
Kyle Thacker
Kyle Thacker
Director, Design
Lindsay Angus
Lindsay Angus
Director, Marketing
Steven Mulcahy
Steven Mulcahy
Chief of Staff
Audrey Angchangco Audrey Angchangco
Ben Frey Ben Frey
Calvin Scott Calvin Scott
Chris Harcus Chris Harcus
Ciara O'Brien Ciara O'Brien
Crystal Chow Crystal Chow
Daewoong Moon Daewoong Moon
Deiva Magalhaes Deiva Magalhaes
Detta Guthrie Detta Guthrie
Diana Chavez Avila Diana Chavez Avila
Elise Pickersgill Elise Pickersgill
Eric Preston Eric Preston
Everett Louie Everett Louie
Hanin Almoallim Hanin Almoallim
Jake Breen Jake Breen
Jamie Heale Jamie Heale
Jana Lattin Jana Lattin
Julian Marcuzzi Julian Marcuzzi
Kat Dumont Kat Dumont
Kat Solberg Kat Solberg
Kevin Tam Kevin Tam
Kristen Macgregor Kristen Macgregor
Lana Tobin Lana Tobin
Lisa Quinn Lisa Quinn
Luke Scriver Luke Scriver
Marcus Campbell Marcus Campbell
Martha Bell Martha Bell
Megan Milton Megan Milton
Michelle Devera Michelle Devera
Olga Taranova Olga Taranova
Paolo Montano Paolo Montano
Paul Koo Paul Koo
Rachel Gamboa Rachel Gamboa
Ricky Darke Ricky Darke
Riley Roukema Riley Roukema
Robert Freeman Robert Freeman
Sarah Feldberg Sarah Feldberg
Ted Cran Ted Cran
Thiago Terleski Thiago Terleski
Tom Ireland Tom Ireland
Wade Scheer Wade Scheer
Yashu Sharma Yashu Sharma

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